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Many parents have asked what I have students do on the Kindles during library. Many want ideas of what to download at home.

For books, I often search "free children's kindle books" on Amazon, read the reviews and download anything that looks good. I also get ebook deals to my email from 3 different sites, Amazon, Goodreads, and bookbub.

For apps and games, I continually research sites with information on free learning and educational downloads. Here are a few we have on the Kindles in the library:

- Starfall

- Peter Pig's Money Counter

- Math Slicer Free

- Fit Brains Trainer

- Brain Jump


- Multiplication Genius

- Mathway

- Kids Math Games Free

- Medieval Math Battle

- US Capitals and Flag Quiz


- NASAnowt

- iStorybooks

- Duolingo

- Bonza Word Puzzle

- Pocket Penguins

- Interactive Periodic Table

- Star Chart

- Science Lab for Kids

- Daily Amazing Science Facts

- Smithsonian Channel

- 50 States

- Enjoy Learning World Map Puzzle

- Enjoy Learning US Map Puzzle

- The Oregon Trail American Settlers

- Kids Doodle 2

- Kids Ultimate Finger Painting

- Viewer for Khan Academy

- iEducation TV

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