And...we've started coding! On the Chromebooks!

This was a new skill for me so I was apprehensive to try it with the students, but we are moving along and having fun. There was quite a bit of prep for this, I had to enter each student class by class, make them login cards, and assign which course they should complete. But it was well worth the work. We are programming, coding, and speaking computer language, which is a huge, valuable skill for students in our technology filled world. For students to eventually enter the job field in this century they will be ahead knowing these skills.

During library classes we went over how to log in and how to "code" with the first program on, blockly. Students in 2nd through 5th really got into it and were able to move through the levels. Our lessons on perseverance helped when I reminded them to "be the mouse" (see here if you want to know what that means).

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