Choose Your Own STEMVenture

Last week we designed traps to catch the gingerbread man, and this week we helped him escape!

We used a booklet Choose Your Own STEMVenture from Teachers pay Teachers. Also see the activity's designer's post here.

I set up 5 stations around the library and depending on which page students chose to go, they had to complete the STEM challenge at the station. Each student got a booklet then a gingerbread man made of a laminated gingerbread man pattern on 4, 2X4 Legos stacked.

I made signs with directions for each STEM challenge station

I made signs with directions for each STEM challenge at the stations

For example, at one point in the story the gingerbread man has to decide whether to go into the forest or toward a canyon. If he ended up in the forest he can't get out before dark and needs to sleep in the woods. Students had to design a tent big enough for him to stand in, lay in, that was sturdy enough to keep predators out, and was waterproof. I even sprayed the tents the students made with water to see if he stayed dry inside.

A ramp to help him get off the roof of a gingerbread house

A staircase to get up to the roof of a gingerbread house

A zipline to traverse over a canyon of coyotes!

A tent design that didn't keep the gingerbread man dry from rain coming in sideways, or safe from predators. Try again!

A bridge to cross the river instead of riding on the coyote's back, which leads being eaten in most gingerbread stories.

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