Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

The first Nutmeg nominee I read to the students this year is Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas by Lynne Cox.

Before starting the book we went over a few important facts.

1. This story takes place in New Zealand, which we located on Google maps. We also saw how far that was from us.

2. The author of this book is Lynne Cox, a world renown open water swimmer. We took a look at her website, her records, and her achievements. If you go to her site: lynnecox.com, be sure to click on her swim's, which go on and on. This is a screenshot of just the first few!

3. This story is about an elephant seal. We watched the first 2 minutes of this BBC video. The kids loved the part where the seals bash themselves into the cars (at 1 minute 40 seconds)!

After the story, I showed the students pictures of the real Elizabeth.

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