Mrs. Myles's Summer Reading

Each summer I set a goal to read all of the Nutmeg nominees, but only read about five. This year, I read all but two!

I read 23 of the 25 nominees, which includes all of the Elementary nominees. There is still a week left so I may push myself to finish those last two.

If you haven't seen the list, check out my Nutmeg page here:

I think this year's nominees are the best so far. I plan to read most of the picture book during library classes this year, but I highly recommend the early reader and chapter books, especially Upside Down Magic and Pugs of the Frozen North.

The Intermediate books are perfect for 3rd through 5th grade and my favorites are:

Fish in a Tree, the story of a girl who struggles with Dyslexia, but finds her strengths and conquers her fears.

Ratscalibur, a magical adventure of a boy who becomes a rat and helps to save his fellow animals.

Took, a creepy, scary story for brave readers!

and The War that Saved My Life, a historical fiction novel with amazing characters, details, and plot.

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