Feeling like a green apple

This week we read One Green Apple by Eve Bunting.

This week we read One Green Apple by Eve Bunting

It is the story of a girl who has just moved to America. She can't understand or speak English. She wears a head scarf, which makes her different from everyone else. While her class is on a field trip at an apple orchard, she sees a green apple, different from the other red ones near it. She identifies with the green apple, since she feels different too.

We decorated apples telling about a time when we felt like a green apple. When I explained the project I asked if they thought I meant to tell a time they felt like an actual apple, the piece of fruit. They all thought that was funny and it helped them to understand the difference between literal and figurative.

Here are some of the green apples. The students came up with great ideas like when they first started school, when they moved, when they joined a new team, when they forgot something everyone else in class remembered.

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